Qnalytics LLC opens in Ukraine!
Qnalytics LLC is not just Qlik provider, it is not an abstract consulting company.
We offer business reporting of a brand new level.
Qnalytics LLC offers solutions for analyzing business data that your business generates in large quantities but could hardly use in future decision making. Moreover, we build tools for daily monitoring of indicators, self-identification of trends, deviations, problems and opportunities, search for exceptions, anomalies and deviations at the level of detailed transactions.

We offer a solution that can analyze all the workflow parts in your company and help your business achieve better performance, adapt more quickly to market trends, while reducing costs.

Many of our most successful projects start with a business problem. Our team leads all types of projects, from the integration of individual departments to the creation of complex storage systems. Our work begins with a thoughtful, thorough evaluation, and then we design, develop, build and support full-scale solutions. And the results are tangible.

Our application development team has experience in applying programming techniques to solve business problems. This is empowering business processes through technology. We capture your business processes and make them more resilient, more profitable and more efficient.

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