Key benefits of Qlik Sense

Perform data analytics and analytics mapping for a better understanding of the current situation in the company with the help of data visualization program that anyone can use.
With Qlik Sense, anyone in your company can easily create flexible, interactive visualizations and make meaningful decisions.

Qlik Sense provides analytical data to executives, CFOs, sales managers, operations managers, etc. at the proper level of detail and on a specific timeline.

The main advantages of Qlik Sense is the ability to create reports on your own model, i.e. the user is completely independent in the development of new visualizations, he can independently import selected data sources, can easily centralize and exchange data visualizations, reuse visualizations, analytical calculations etc.

The user can interact with colleagues and, by displaying his own visualizations, reveal the characteristic features of the business sphere.

From self-service analytics to interactive dashboards and applications, custom and in-built analytics, mobile analytics and reporting.

Qlik Sense was created for clarity, capacity enhancement and data management simplification for users and companies. Your users get unrivaled analytics capabilities in associative research and discovery.

They can easily share, communicate, and get answers anywhere, with fully interactive, secure online and offline mobility.

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