What makes Qlik so special?

Meet Qlik - an innovative data analytics platform for today's business intelligence world!

You can forget about query-based tools, because Qlik's associative technology ensures that users don't restrict pre-defined hierarchies or pre-defined ideas about how data should be linked. The visualizations work in unison without sacrificing performance, so users can finally understand and explore how all data is truly related.

Qlik has a unique interface that not only provides you with quick answers to your direct questions, but Qlik also offers consideration and analysis of questions you did not ask. For example, imagine you want to see the sales level of a particular product by sales managers. In several clicks Qlik will show you the list of product categories sold by each manager. With its patented query engine, Qlik will automatically display the query that you did not ask: it will show product categories that were not sold by each manager. This feature allows you to see the entire analysis area and allows you to see the entire history of your data.

Most analysts focus narrowly on Excel as their primary data analytics tool. However, processing more than 100,000 rows of data can be very slow, and processing more than 1,000,000 rows is virtually impossible. Due to Qlik, you can not only process millions of rows in minutes, but also merge multiple data sources into a single dashboard.

Develop, extend, and integrate visual analytics into your applications, portals, etc. within the management and security system. Use the advanced analytics development environment to create and reuse data models, security configurations and visualizations. Create, embed, and integrate great visual analytics for any device or application.

Now you can accelerate and expand analytics with intuitive and interactive tools to create one powerful corporate-class analytics solution. Qlik can connect to several different data sources without the need of data store to generate an in-depth data analytics report to provide faster answers, more insight and better results. No need to give up CRM, ERP or any other system. Qlik will link all your data with your workflow. Combine internal and external data to ensure analytics that provide all the important stakeholders with the right information and context to make smarter decisions. Qlik provides valuable insights needed to improve the services and tasks of the company.

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