Our method:
4 steps of cooperation with clients
1. Discuss the ultimate result

The key at this stage is not only technological knowledge and analytical skills of our specialists, but also awareness of the specifics of the client's business sphere. First of all, we discuss what we want to achieve in the end and discuss the long-term vision. It is better for all business users to be involved in this discussion to identify requirements, key performance indicators and top priority issues. We work together to come up with methods, aimed at producing quick results, and we lay the foundation for the ultimate, long-term goal.

2. Analysis of the current situation

Once we have determined what we want to achieve from our collaboration, we need to objectively analyze the situation at the moment, namely how well-established and productive the analytical processes and decision making within the company are. At this stage, it is important to identify gaps and weaknesses.

3. Develop plan

After collecting information, we offer the most effective solution, based on your requirements and vision. The plan should include the steps and timing of their implementation; it may also include technical details and estimated cost of the work.

4. Results

The results on the first projects are usually analytical tools for researching data using the best analysis practices collected from dozens of other projects. Now your team can apply it to your data and do a lot of research, which previously required ordering of the individual report for each case separately. In addition to identifying existing data issues, in the early days of working with the tools, it is possible to identify problematic management objects, processes, and key performance indicators that require the daily attention of executives to obtain business results from the project. It is important to identify such problematic issues and processes, and to develop adequate dashboards that will assist in the daily monitoring and management. It also makes sense to integrate analytics in relevant business processes. This will help to improve the quality of decision-making with the help of correct and timely information. Usually, developing such a dashboard does not take much time because the main work has already been done during the main project.

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