About Us
Qnalytics ©, as Qlik partner in North America and Ukraine, combines human ingenuity with intelligent technology to benefit society and support responsible business. Our goal is to enable the vast operational efficiencies of BI tools to the public sector and to a wide range of businesses in every industry to create the lasting value. Our job is to turn data into decision-making information and help the clients to discover and predict the key insights underlying their data.
There's good reason why 71% of companies see analytics as a high organizational priority, but only 8% of companies are currently working with usable data.
Our client-centric approach bridges this gap with streamlined simplicity, robust functionality and proven performance. The approach is defined by your needs, company culture, and long and short-term objectives.
As the phrase goes, there's what we know, what we don't know, and then there's what we don't know we don't know, but need to know. Analytics answers your questions as it reveals others that are hidden, and insight beyond the numbers empowering confident actions. This truly competitive advantage enhances consistent, sustainable growth, all complemented by advisory and managed services that ensure optimal performance with controlled costs on your terms.
Qnalytics' support team covers the entire spectrum of application and user support: consulting, data-driven analytics, and streamlined automation processes, so that your team could focus on running business while driving profitability and efficiency.
Assisted by our company, you can truly understand the essence of your data: sales forecasting, data collection and reporting. We provides consulting services to solve complex business problems through technology enablement, comprehensive service offerings, and subject matter expertise. Qnalytics works to deliver simple, but powerful solutions in order to drive positive and impactful business outcomes.
Our projects range from department-oriented to custom software development for the entire life cycle, including analysis of the requirements, development, implementation and support.
The biggest asset we have is our team. Our team has a proven approach that helps clients achieve their goals by working with all types of systems and technologies.
Our experience encompasses a broad selection of software systems and networks. With each client, we are ready to work within the constraints of whatever system is currently in place, deploy a brand new solution, or design something custom tailored to your business needs.
Qnalytics provides an entire network of support services to optimize processes and supervise integration into your company's realm of work.
We believe that solutions should be as unique as your business and we offer our portfolio of services so that you can attain your strategic goals, operate more cost-effectively and generate more revenue.
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